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SuperBaby Training


SuperBaby Training: Guiding new parents on how to support their baby’s development to reach their highest potential


Yay, the baby has arrived!….now what? SuperBaby training is my one-on-one movement consultation to analyze your baby’s motor development. These consultations will give you the tools to help build your baby’s foundation and core strength enabling them to explore their world and grow. Learn fun exercises and play activities to do with your baby to help them reach each milestone. From tummy time to sitting and eventually crawling, you will gain the skills to help your baby reach their highest potential. Play and movement help develop a baby’s social, intellectual, language and problem solving skills.


SuperBaby Training will include: 

  • Analyze strength, body type and movement patterns to create a unique play-based exercise program for each baby and family

  • Assess all areas of development including sleep, feeding, fine motor, cognitive, adaptive and communication skills

  • Track progress and provide customized programs after each consultation

  • Weekly/monthly in-person or on-line video consultations to address each baby’s unique needs and address any challenges they may be facing

  • Empower parents by sharing knowledge about movement and child development

  • Play and have fun together!


*Sessions can be held in a group setting for parent/baby groups or community events

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